The liberal eye is one that looks at something and tries to find a way to turn it into a talking point. A Conservative eye looks at something and finds the beauty in it.
Is Paul Ryan Too ‘Gay Pretty’?

But what if that beauty that those pair of freedom loving eyes see is too pretty? What if its soft skin and Frank Sinatra ice blue eyes fall under the ‘too perfect’ category? Enter Paul Ryan, young, tight, perfectly styled hair and always having a permanent 5 o’clock shadow. 

Was he just too pretty to run as The Republican Vice Presidential candidate? Will his ravishing looks cause one to think that he might be a closeted homosexual? Will his Ryan Gosling biceps and hairless pectoral definition cause gays to go against their unnatural morals and support someone based on looks? If they do that is a good thing, but at the same time could cause life long Conservatives to shy away from him due to his newly founded gay fan base. 

For Paul Ryan to have a chance at not becoming ‘gay pretty’ or ‘twink like’ in the eyes of The American Right, he needs to tone down his model demeanor.

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