Homosexuals are good at two things, destroying the fabric of American values and designing. So it would only be natural that these finger painting, man sac worshipers would they use their skills in color coordination and limp-wristed decor knowledge to secretly promote their agenda within logos that you and your children see everyday.
Logos That Subliminally Promote A Gay Agenda

1. Wal-Mart


At first glance, Wal-Mart’s logo looks harmless, it has a soft inviting look to it. Well that is exactly how homogays lurer your children into the backs of their torture chamber, leather rape vans. They use shiny candies to trick the mind, so that it will no pay attention to the demonic ass agenda behind the curtain.

If you look closely, you will notice that the Wal-Mart logo has six yellow lines that create a circle. Do you know that is circle is actually a artistic symbol used on gay bar signs to let their fecal frenzy patrons know that they have a full service “circle tug” bar? The six lines represent six men holding out their Mr. Thomas’ in a gay manner.

So every time you or your child sees a Wal-Mart logo, they are getting a eye full of gays forcefully creating devil DNA, by hatefully whacking their flesh swords.

2. G.E.


Would you just look at this homo-erotic display of masturbatory penile release? Nothing like a logo that is surrounded with dripping globs of man sex sauce spinning around it. Do you understand how disturbing this logo is? Do you see that these freaks of feces want your children to stare at images of unmartial Satan squeeze every time they open up the microwave or open up the refrigerator to get a healthy afternoon snack? They even now have hand sanitizers that are used in schools that squirt out white lotion onto your children’s hand, while they rub it on their face and hands to clean.

3. Target


Bulls-eye for bargains or bulls-eye for bleeding anuses? While you enter Target browsing the tween section for back to school clothing for your children at a yellow handed discounted price, just be warned that you have entered a store that uses the imagery of a homosexual rectum after a late night penile barrage of cherry bomber ecstasy induced ass assassins, who also had a long night of throwing back Zimas.

Just remember that if you want your children to have nightmares of the anus seeping blood due to an attack from a craft homosexual, than keep taking them to the devil’s house of bondage. Because every time they gaze into that one eyed red sewer hole, Satan’s thermometer crawls closer to make them flesh pole, rear-end dancers.

4. Master Card

Master Card

Diving deeper into the sea of mental debauchery, we can take a gander at the good ol’ Master Card logo. First off, did you know a master card is an I.D. that homosexual bears, that own slave power bottom twinks carry? It is a card they show at the door of a gay bar, so they can be placed in the proper seating area. You can’t mix bears and twinks in the same seating area, or the bar owners won’t be able to sell any alcohol. This is because the bears would spend their time ravaging the rear docking stations of the helpless little twinks, instead of spending their gay well-fare money on double peppermint cosmos.

Anyways, back to the logo. If you use a well trained Homo Gay Agenda propaganda eye, you can see that the logo is actually that of two testicles being connected. The two colors represent two races. One being the whites (rad, the blood line of the world) and yellow (the bile color stands for the other races in the world). This logo is trying to show that interracial gay sex is something that should be accepted. The gays are not only stopping at marriage, they want interracial gay sex to be broadcasted around the world, right into your children’s bedrooms.

So next time you think you should use your plastic to buy groceries, just remember for ever purchase, you are inviting a hair greased up white man and a 17 year old Filipino boy to slap their sin covered candy bags together under the blankets of your child’s bed.

5. Apple


Ever wonder why Apple’s first logo was a apple with a rainbow? It was to show their dying support for the homo gay agenda.

Also, ever notice that the apple has a bite taken out of it? That is a symbolism of when Adam took a bite out of the forbidden fruit. This was there way of showing that they wanted their users to taste the rotten fruit of homosexuality.

Anyone who buys a Apple product for their child is saying “Please have homo sin hole sex with my child” or “I want my daughter to be a fish sin slit worshiper.”



Homosexuals Sharing Boy Children. Oh you don’t believe me that this is what HSBC stands for? If not, why is the logo a aerial shot of a man and a young boy touching twiddle rompus’ while riding in a boat?


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