The following reasons are not based off racism, but based on national averages of racial statistics.
15 Reasons Obama is Not Black

1. Job

Has a above minimum wage job (yet it is a government job, so this might actually cancel itself out).

2. Family

His daughters have a in home relationship with him.

3. Clean Record

No record of beating his wife.

4. White Drug Abuse

Only did ‘rich man’ drugs in college.

5. No Government Assistance

Even though welfare is his favorite thing to use to win votes among blacks, he himself has never been on it.

6. No Sag

His clothes fit properly.

7. No Prison Buddies

Never been to jail.



9. White Speak

Can tell you the difference between a ‘vaze’ and a ‘vahze’.

10. Sticks to Brown

His wife is not white and overweight.

11. 'Educated'

Has a college degree.

12. 1 to 1 Ratio

Only has one mother to his children.

13. Travels

Goes on vacation to Hawaii (also he swims in the ocean).

14. Gives to The Tax Man

Has paid taxes.

15. No Jive

Can not dance.


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