Liberals will try very hard to make it seem like they are not racist, but yet then why are they the ones who soak in the sun to walk around in golden brown skin?
Why Tanning is Racist

Did you know that in the old days that one who was tan was looked down upon? People who had lightly sun-kissed skin were known as people who were laborers, while the pasty white skinned people were the ones of wealth and stayed inside entertaining guests. Now liberals alike are using that same mindset to show their racist undertones in an ironic manner. 

Liberals will go out to their beaches or fancy tanning salons to get their skin to the color of the minority they hate the most, they literally turn themselves into a walking racist billboard that only other minimum wage hating liberals can understand. Why do you think they voted for Obama over Killary when she first ran? He has the skin of a common worker and the liberals are parading him around like a circus monkey to secretly show off their racial hatred. 

If you are not a liberal and tan, let this be a warning that others might be looking at you thinking you are in the same #Resistance swimming pool as them.


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