It should be no surprise to learn those who engage in activities involving the deadly and highly addictive drug, marijuana, are at a high risk of lacing their chapped joint smoking lips with the musky taste of homosexuality.
Study Show That Pot Smokers More Likely to Try Homosexuality

Besides possible death, this is just another side effect the liberal left doesn’t want the public to know about. One in every three pot smokers has admitted to frolicking in a square dance of same sex insertion or licking while under the poisonous daze of pot doing. Pot doers already lack the ability to make something of themselves, but now we learn that on top of their dangerous drug habits and criminal intentions, they now partake in a lifestyle that can lead to a life filled with deadly disease. If you know someone who is a shaky handed grass puffer, let them know the world has a place for them and that all they need to do is to put down the Bob Marley wand and let themselves be free from the grasp of pots deadly and deviant homosexual addiction.


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