You maybe allowing the fecal stain of Jihad in the minds of your children if you are letting these two twins of terror into your living room!
Shimmer And Shine Are Impregnating Your Child's Mind with Terroristic Pornography!

Beware of the genie divine!

"Boom Zahramay", that is the death cry ejaculating from the mouths of two terror Jihadist 3D rendered sisters beamed down to your living room and molesting itself into the minds of your toddlers. What is this fecal distortion of child raping you ask? It is the large eyed suicidal bombing genies called Shimmer and Shine, who scream "Boom Zahramay", which is death speak for "Death To All With Christ". Every week these two fairies who smell of musky and moist camel taint try to normalize Western terrorism. The cartoon invites children to a land called Zahramay, which is full of female virgins aka genies waiting for those who kill themselves in the name of Jihad. The cartoon shows two genies enticing kids with "wishes" which is code talk for sins.  With every wish, the innocent children become more and more a part of the genie world and once inside the world, they are taught how to make bombs, tangy style sex toys and other racial nonsense. 

The show has all kinds of acronyms, for example look at the two names of the main genies:

S H I M M E R - Severing Heads In Mercy to Make Everything Right

S H I N E - Sinful Hearts In Need of Extermination

This is clear proof of the shows agenda. So before you strap your kids into this cartoon, just know that by watching this they could be strapping on some C4 before they get onto the school bus Monday morning.


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