One question that has boggled my mind is how can Mexico be such a cesspool when its country is known for its ability to create the world’s fastest, most efficient and cheap costing house cleaners.
How is Mexico So Dirty, When Their Women Are Fantastic Housekeepers?

The majority of US households are turned from messy embarrassments to spic n’ span showrooms within the matter of one hour by teams of little Mexican women who leave it smelling like Fabuloso and freshly made chimichangas. So again the question arises on how can the same group of people who can turn a frat house from a drunken train wreck into a sparkling example of hygiene, but not be able to keep dirt and grim from their own countries homes? Is it due to the lack of pride in their country or is it a lack of respect given to them? 

A Mexican maid gets more acknowledgement in a white household than she probably ever did while living in her motherland and to show her gratitude, she makes sure to scrub away the filth from our kitchen floors. You can also see the lack of Mexican pride in how Mexican nannies treat our children. 

A typical Mexican child is neglected, yet the same mother can be highly attentive to the children they look after while mom and dad or out working salary jobs. Is this attention given to our children purely for the extra under the table money paid to her at the end of the week, or is it because the nanny feels a closer connection to children who come from a country filled with values? I think it is because they love they way we love them and show their disgust by letting Mexico rot in its own slop.


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