Forget the fear that lives within die hard Obama and Killary fans who know once they start any debate their Socialist leaders are destroyed with bullets of good old fashion Conservative values.
Forget Trump, Liberals Need To Fear Andrew Wilkow

Instead, they need to turn off MSNBC and tune into Sirius XM’s golden child and listen to the voice that is restoring America back to its true moral design. That voice is that of individual patriot, Andrew Wilkow, who daily preaches to the masses about the dangers of leftist policies and tries to lead the path away from Obama’s Socialist road map. Everyday Andrew takes calls from liberals who want bat crazy people like Maxine Waters to enforce their Marxist utopia ideas and breaks their arguments with basic punk rock piss and vinegar, rational thought and by backing his claims by sourcing The Constitution. If you are a bleeding heart liberal who thinks Trump will "PEACHED" this year, think again, Andrew has been changing the tide and is the sole reason for the decrease of snowflake support. Liberalism is an infection and Wilkow is the penicillin.


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