Wake up America and realize the liberal left is trying to impose its irrational sexual beliefs onto the innocent masses.
Brony Life Needs to Be Banned From American Culture

Recently a scourge outbreak of adult males dressed up as sex crazed pastel ponies known as Bronies are galloping their unnatural lifestyles across our great land. What is a Brony you ask? A Brony is a demented gay male whose sexual appetite for odd fetishes has turned into a mindset of that of a predator with musky and cynical urges and intentions of mass child fondling destruction.

This type of sexual hogwash of rainbowed unicorns is only the beginning of this large circle of bi-polar and schizophrenic live at home degenerates. Not only do they lurk in the dark corners of the internet, searching for unsecured ports to computers owned by young child to insert .jpg images of pony pornography onto their desktops, but they have monthly meetups called “barns” where they get together and dress up as colorful ponies and engage in “stranger parades”. Stranger parades are random sex rendezvous that include two, but no more than eight ponies who take turns stroking the faux tails and horse masks as they perform a self pleasure act with vigorous speed and power, all while watching the children’s show known as “My Little Pony”.

These types of people are the just the beginning of America’s moral fibers slowing deterioration due to the liberal influence in today’s government and entertain circles. If we allow this type of filth to continue it will only be a matter of time before phallic pony fairies are legally allowed into your homes and have their way with your children, because the government will deem it unfair NOT to give these people what they need. Just like how we give crack addicts drug money via welfare, we will be delivering fresh young boys to the doorsteps of these freaks on a monthly basis.


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