Bonnaroo is more dangerous than the disease infested Coachella, Satanic Big 4 and the ass cowboy festival, Stagecoach all wrapped together in a deadly $1 taco. It is also held on the SAME day as Satan’s birthday. Coincidence, nothing evil is a coincidence. It is planned. Your children are buying golden tickets to Satan’s chocolate sin factory.
Bonnaroo – A Festival of Heroin, Gay Sin Docking, Mud Orgies and Black Magic

What is Bonnaroo?

It is a annual rave festival held in Tennessee and does nothing but allow kids to do smoke the magic pot, snort heroin, partake in black magic rituals, have sex with strangers and epose kids to the dangerous homosexual lifestyle.

What Does the Word Bonnaroo Mean?
It is black talk for “a really good time” and we all know what “a really good time” means to hipper hopped stars. It usually involves cracked coke canes, murder and white $3 French prostitutes.

This word also has a underground meaning once you break it down. Let’s take “Bonn” for example and it actually turns into the word “Bone”. We all know gays use this word to describe the action of when they are fecal fisting their Cuban cabana boy at their sex bath house parties. Now let’s look at Roo, “Roo” is short for “Kangaroo”. So put the full true message together and you get “Bone a Kangaroo”.

How sick are these rave promoters to want to teach kids that raping a kangaroo is cool? I understand maybe in a Godless African country this might be acceptable, but this is the US of A!

What Goes on at Bonnaroo?

Mud sex orgies

How would you feel knowing your daughter is exposing her milk sacs and baby door while covered in styptic waste? How would you like if she was performing mouth sex on random groups of strangers? We this is what she will be doing if you allow her to attended Bonnaroo. Every year they make a mud pit, so people can hide their faces and make it feel like no one will know who they are and then engage in stranger stroking and torpedo suction slurping. They might have already given out 10 mouth sex acts to strangers from the parking lot to the concert’s entrance.

Mud also means sewerhole sex in the underground, drug gang, gay realm. M.U.D. means Manhole Unit Docking or also know in the Christian world as “male to male sin docking”. Just remember that your young boys might be drugged and forced into a rainbow drugged mind state, while large groups of gay men take turns raping his innocents and ravaging his soul via their waste shoot

Drug light shows

Kids at Bonnaroo like to shove ecstasy up their rectums, so they can get a “rear end raver high” and enjoy the famous light shows. How great is it knowing that our children are walking around will pills of Satanic joy up their twinkie holes, gazing at colored light beams, while doing make out sessions or even worse, pre-martial sex.

The light show usually keeps the same colors, green, red and purple. Each color has its own hypnotic black magic agenda. The green is to subliminally addict your children to pot smoking antics and also teaches you children to donate their money to the democratic party. Red is to make them supporters of late term abortions. Also remember Satan’s favorite color is red. The purple is obvious. It is to push the homogay agenda onto your children and to make sure they all accept the sexual choices of the attention whores we call “Homosexuals”.

Heroin drug snorting

Satan loves a cheerful “H” snorter and Bonnaroo is a haven for the “H”. It has been said that over 97% of attendees will partake in a magic joy ride down the “H” railway. But did you know that Heroin is the leading cause to unprotected sex during the summer time? We are basically leading out children into the gates of a concentration camp of sin and sex. With each snort of Satan’s pixie dust, or children’s souls get closer to Satan’s acid baths.

Male to male entry sex fondling

You can’t have a raping and pillaging festival without pirates and this festival is full of sugar plummed fairy butt pirates in search of untouched, plump male booty. For every one homosexual at Bonnaroo, there is 11 cases of forced male entry into another mans brown muscle.

What Music is Played at Bonnaroo?

Have you ever heard of Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, The White Buffalo, Stephen Stills or even Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside? Of course not, no one has, unless you’re a kleptomaniac pot smoking sex slave! These are all names of street drugs. They just put these “band” names on the flyer so parents think their kids are actually going to a music concert. What it really is, is a menu to let kids know what type of Satan sugar they can purchase once they get to the festival of drug gluttony.

Who Goes to Bonnaroo?

Homogays, Wiccans, washed out rock stars, drug dealers, lose slut whores, blacks, people from Wiscon”sin” and every other type of social deviant you can image.


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